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Look, lol, I understand the meaning of "communication". You likely aren't getting it as much as I do.

Like when writing sentences for unknowns to read over the internet, you try to make sure people won't get at least 2-3 different, and contradictory meanings. In other words "clarity", you know... or lack thereof.

- when you talk of "decadent complacency that is very, very temporary" as if referring to rioting, you don't seem to be including the decadence that is already present in the daily life, but an assumption -OFTEN EXPRESSED BY REACTIONARIES- that the decadence is of those sudden bursts of revolt, while in fact revolts tend to be, on the contrary, moments of bold and sharp moral polarizing, or affirmation, even if maybe one-dimensional in character.

- Who's "they"? Who's playing the "game of putting the lid", or what are you alluding to here? The US rioters or Greek rioters? The pigs? Soros NGOs?

So I can see different parties taking part into such a "game", but they aren't necessarily doing it on purpose, like from the start, in order to tackle a rise of anger among oppressed people.

It totally can be some multi-faceted scheme where everyone's playing their part without really realizing what's happening... and that'd be overrating the competence of the cops (or other managers, whoever they may be), Like are they paying sociologists a million a year for cautiously observing the factors of disorder and opposition and calculating their breaking point in advance?

Or are you assuming the rioters are managing their own uprising, and putting a lid on it?

What does this all works in the real world?

- How is this "decadent complacency" recent, or what makes it so new? Or is that the complacency of... Black people?

I guess I again sounded bitchy beyond necessity (or maybe out of it), but there's just a lot of blur in your comment, so you can't stultify people around for their "reading comprehension", over sentences that lack clarity.

Like will some of you ever fucking realize this is the internet; that the readers don't live inside your head, or echo-chamber. All we got is the words you're uploading.