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What, exactly, could he have done to "impress" you? He acted like a human in an inhuman world, trying to live out his ideas in ways that made sense to him. In doing so, he created well-crafted, diverse, beautiful books that continue to affect anarchist ideas half a century later. (Find a copy of Danielle Aubert's book on the Detroit Printing Co-op to see the range of things he helped create; it extends far beyond Black & Red titles.) He translated Debord into English & was in the streets in May '68. He maintained relationships with veterans of the Spanish Revolution, artists of the Living Theater, and the nascent anti-civilization tendency. He wrote visionary essays, critical theory, history, theater, novels.

Did he not break enough windows? Join enough mass organizations? Have the right politically correct politics? Or have the right incendiary anti-politics? What impresses you?

I don't mean to romanticize Fredy, but just want to challenge these sorts of dismissive attitudes that paint everyone as not good enough based on impossible and inconsistent standards. But this is the internet, so I'm probably better off talking to a wall.