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has the beautiful soul syndrome he's talking about.

I never asked anyone to be impressed with how i live, I'm not. If Fredy Pearlman expected that out of other people then sorry, he was a narcissistic piece of shit. Yet, having read about him, I don't think he had beautiful soul syndrome. He just knew how to enjoy his life and critique other rebels. I particularly loved some of his swipes at the situationists, he saw them as being the mealy mouthed self-absorbed "artist revolutionaries" they tended to be.

Basically the reason i don't bother coming here a lot, or listening to Greg and Chisel's decent show, is simply due to the fact the comment section is all about accommodating trolls and douschebags.

Vampire Warfare, i fucking love that. Part of the reason i get addicted to coming here when i do is some of the flippant responses are like punch in the gut of comedy.