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"But this is the internet, so I'm probably better off talking to a wall."

Join the club, I really hate it how i can't say the things i just want to say without getting taunted, mocked, criticized, canceled on anarchist forums.

I am impressed by the fact that fredy pearlman managed to do what he loved without feeling too sorry for himself about it. To be honest with you, I'm only every impressed by people who can militantly confront some of the shittiest elements of the prison society we live in and live to tell about it. I'm also impressed by people who get raped in prison and manage to get out of there alive. I'm impressed by people who can get away with robbing 20 banks before getting caught. I'm impressed by women who have gotten fucked with and harassed by men on a regular basis yet who don't end up as total misandrists. I like craziness, excitement, humor. Don't try to either put me on a pedestal or whine about how I'm not good enough, cuz I'm tired of that shit. I'm also really sick of the story of "the american hero", give me more stories of psychopaths. Give me some new names, I'll do my best to learn about them. I knew that crap about Elliot Smith being a hipster was coming, and it was funny. It was also interesting to hear the perspective that maybe he was a psuedo-stirnerist...yet i doubt it cuz Stirner's writing is really dense and only a few of us enjoy it...

About me: My whole life I've been obsessed with philosophy and getting to understand the secrets of the universe, I'm also kind of an asshole too, sometimes my sense of humor and willingness to defend myself in conversations ends up making people feel like garbage. So just do me a favor and try to have compassion for every single creature on this planet. If you're on here to prop yourself up and torture people and laugh at those who "just don't get it" then PLEASE get the fuck off the internet. I want to see you do that to people in real life.