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Here's some.

Grant Morrison. If you haven't read The Invisibles, just do it. Anarchy and order are in conflict at a cosmic, magical level. Simply awesome, cannot recommend more highly. He may actually consider himself an anarchist, I dunno. But I don't think many people think "anarchist" when they think Morrison, in the way they do with Alan Moore for example.

Artaud, obviously. I need to read more Artaud.

Oscar Wilde.

Walter Benjamin is not widely considered anarchist, but if you really read him it becomes clear how anarchic he is. Sad how uncontested the Marxist appropriation has been. The most transparently anarchist text is the Critique of Violence, but I recommend reading him in labrythine ways, and stuff will pop out at you all over. Especially anything that touches on Jewish mysticism -- this is where the anarchy comes through for me more so than the political-cultural writing (not that you can cleanly separate these at all).

On a related note, Kafka cannot fail to appear in this thread. He was involved in anarchist stuff in his early 20s or so, but is not at all widely considered an anarchist, and most of his life outside of work and family was in Jewish religious life, so I think he counts. If the The Trial, The Castle, and (especially) The Zurau Aphorisms (!!!) don't illuminate for you the concordance between anarchy and messianic Judaism, then nothing will short of the coming of the messiah.

Nietzsche, most of all. Let's not diminish the fact (as I think the Nietzche and Anarchy book did!) that not only did he write poorly of anarchists, it would not be wrong to consider him elitist, pro-aristocratic, or pro-monarchist. But those who don't read him -- and most of those who do -- are doomed to misunderstand him. For the purposes of this teeny tiny paragraph I'll just say that I think Emma Goldman got it right: anarchists should read Nietzsche because anarchists are also aristocrats of the spirit. Or as Novatore clarified: communization of material wealth, individualization of spiritual wealth. Will leave it here but happy to engage w/ comments.