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If someone uses the word anarchy pejoratively then they obviously don't understand what anarchy means in the political sense. Either that, or they simply don't believe in or subscribe to anarchism, and therefore would not identify themselves as an anarchist.

There are numerous quotes from K demonstrating he doesn't think highly of anarchy, which he equates with violence and chaos. He was educated in Britain and knew at least something about political ideologies, so there's no excuse for him not knowing what anarchism was in the political sense. When using the word anarchy in a political context, he must have been aware of its double meaning. But he chose over and over to use it only in its violent and chaotic sense.

Just a few examples:

"What is a human being to do? Is the crisis intellectual, economic or national with all the poverty, confusion, anarchy, lawlessness, terrorism and always the threat of the bomb in the street? " -- The Flame of Attention

"If man had set out deliberately to bring about chaos in the world he could not possibly have succeeded as much as the present actual state of destruction, hatred and anarchy. This is the result of past generations; the lives, the attitudes, the values and the superstitions of the past generations are responsible for this chaos. " -- Public talk in New Delhi 1973

"Also we went into the question of why does this constant conflict between man and man exist, what is the root of it, what is the cause of all this chaos, anarchy, near anarchy, bad governments, each nation preparing for wars, one guru more important than the other, and so on." -- Public talk in Bombay 1983

"Each one of us has contributed to that chaos, to the mess, the disorder, the anarchy that is going on." -- Public talk in Madras 1982