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Just curious. I would think that he would be since a lot of his personal beef was with mass society and systems of control, as is the case with a lot of green anarchists.

I actually was the one who said he was a "tech-fascist" and "primitivist-fascist" in the eco-fascism TOTW, I only say this because in his essay, he talks about "revolutionaries having as many babies as possible", he seems to only attribute the inferiority complex to leftists, and his use of violence was not defensive but there to draw attention to his essay, as he admits. Certain leftists have accused him of being homophobic but i didn't see any evidence of that.

A couple months ago i watched the documentary "Unabomber in His Own Words", i thought overall was pretty good and entertaining but contained only a couple snippets of the interview they recently did with him. Funnily enough John Zerzan is interviewed in clean cut glory. Was not expecting that since this website left the impression on me that he was basically just a grouchy scenester, lol. I think I'm gonna look and see if theres a whole recording of that interview or a transcript.