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don't call me names or shitjacket me, the things i do are pretty unpredictable when that hits the right soft spot for the moment ;-)

what i was saying is that in terms of rationality and logic, civilization makes total sense when you think of it like that. Collectivism, the greater good, sacrificing the weak for the strong. I think that's why all civilizations came about, harsh survival conditions, opportunists taking advantage of a general feeling of weakness, normally a patriarch as the authority symbol (manliness, strength, nationalism, etc.). For example, think of how christopher columbus (spaniards being pretty advanced in terms of civ progression) thought the islanders were stupid because they just gave him so much cool stuff. They gave him the stuff cuz life was fine for them, they didn't care. And just overall observing how in my current era protestant desires for "work" sooner or later gives birth to a very misery psychology, on a larger scale "the logic of scarcity" more removed from that colonialism of the europeans...

that's probably the last de-colonizer rant you'll get out of me!