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and recluses are bound to say more anarchisty thingies, look at TK. He was well aware of the fact that people sorta don't control technology, even though i think a lot of the people who go around spray painting "TK was right" are little sheeple. About what was he right about? Fucking turn off your misanthropy for a second and listen more closely to your heroes.

A lot of people come to anarchist conclusion on their own, like when i was younger i was just so fucking mad at the school i was forced to go to, my parents, my peers, constantly, but i had no understanding of bureaucracy or technology. Being a 90's child i was getting a heavy dose of education on both. So i resorted to stereotypical bullying/inferiority complex when i could get away with it.

One of my lefty friends around my age critiqued Thoreau in saying that he had his mom wash his clothes, i believe i was talking to him about the problem with the self-sufficiency mindset. I can't stand his writing to be honest, too 19th century academic.

But idk, i kinda want to start my own anarchist history hub because psychology to me is the shit, and spooks...