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Phillip K. Dick is probably the writer I've read the most of. I don't think he ever called himself an anarchist, but he was extremely distrustful of the state and was wildly imaginitive in his writing. Clans of the Alphane Moon is my favorite, it's about an insane asylum moon colony twenty years after all the doctors fled or were killed, and a resulting caste system based on diagnoses of mental illness. Radio Free Albemuth is also great, if I remember correctly it's about alien transmissions attempting to overthrow the American government. I think his writing provides a departure point for ontological anarchism in the same way Ursula le Guin's Lathe of Heaven does, which is to say it can re-validate the intimate relationship between psyche (for lack of a better term) and reality (for lack of a better term).

While it doesn't hold the same allure to me anymore, Phil Hine, and a lot of the chaos magic tendency, is pretty anarchic. The tendency I like is a kind of radical agnosticism that uses positionality/belief as an explicitly temporary tool. There aren't really any rules about what you're allowed to do or how to do things, the question is what's effective. If you want to try to lose your mind just to see, I'd suggest the Psuedonomicon.