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You're completely wrong about all of this, though I doubt the goal was to add any critical thought or facts to the discussion.

Thoreau lived on Emerson's property for a time; Walden was always seen as a temporary experiment. Thoreau helped keep his family afloat economically after his father died. The "his mom did his laundry / cooked his meals" thing is absurd and false. Thoreau maintained a relationship with his family, so I'm sure they shared food, particularly when his sisters came to Abolitionist meetings held at his cabin. Read Rebecca Solnit's essay "Mysteries of Thoreau, Unsolved" for a more thorough debunking of these falsities.

I bother to defend Thoreau because these lies are thrown at him every generation, so that people can ignore his words. These attempts to discredit him are idiotic logical fallacies and nothing more. The latest iteration is that he needs to be cancelled because he's a man and "what about the women." Never mind that Thoreau never married and therefore had no wife whose unpaid labor made his writing possible, unlike almost every other male writer of the time (cancel Melville, Hawthorne, Poe!); or that Thoreau had positive, collaborative relationships with his sisters, who were active abolitionists (& Sophia edited Thoreau's works after his death).

But, sure, keep name calling and spouting ignorance.