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The events in Spain were dominated by Stalinists on one side and Fascists on the other, both totalitarian, and the alternative for any Spaniard caught in the crossfire was to take sides, OR BECOME YOUR OWN AUTHORITY. Dali was merely apolitical and amoral and an individualist, and if neo-nihilism isn't accommodating to these qualities, we have a different scope upon the cosmos. Orwell said that the biggest recollection he had about the Spanish Civil War was of excrement in the syndicalist anarchist camp.
If you can define "reactionary" more,,,,but no, you can't, its a clarion call for leftists because the term is ambiguous and vacant of any significant values outside of being used to describe an enemy.
Dali's paintings were revolutionary and superior to anything ever done by previous decorative and imitation bourgeois paint brush hackers.