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going to have to agree with that piece of shit. don't think it's a "myth" that the vast majority of the modern left and its anarchist offshoots* are woefully unprepared for the practicalities and realities of violence. what do you even gain by pretending it's a myth?

*(I won't bother including those of you who love your books and theories but disavow the leftist legacy entirely because you're so few that it's completely irrelevant and yes, I said this to piss you off but its also true)

The reactionaries almost completely orient their identities around violence, even when they're just poseur LARPers who wouldn't ever actually do shit. Compare and contrast with the tangible activity of most of the bernie soc dems, environmentalists and even the majority of anarchists and antifascists. Would you describe them as ruthless and credible threats to their enemies or … no? lol