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If you define the state along anthropological lines as an organized extra human scale apparatus it precedes class and modern capital. There is a type of ancient capital that I guess develops along with a formative state but, again, it is not the acute problem.

Class as such is an outgrowth of status and voluntary servitude. It has no existence outside of an intergenerational interepochal status game consisting of alienating surrogate activities. You don't actually have to go to war to end class you simply have to dissociate from the psychosomatic context that generates it.

The state does not stand over the rest of society, the state IS society. Once you have reified and scaled to a societal operating system you already have a problem. The state doesn't need a class society, it simply needs ANY society along with the twin sins of work(forced labor and compulsory production) and education(impersonal learning and alienated knowledge). The state along with capital is function that follows these deeper human problems. The former however is the more pertinent problem. Marx thought you attack class and capital and count on the state to fade away. He got it backward.