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>If you define the state along anthropological lines as an organized extra human scale apparatus it precedes class and modern capital.

False. There are so many examples to the contrary and I can't be fucked to list 'em for you. Try Natufian culture to begin with.

>You don't actually have to go to war to end class you simply have to dissociate from the psychosomatic context that generates it.

Are you high on LSD?

This a great example of Stirner-ite fundamentalism. Everything is a spook! Let's all sing kumbaya, hold hands, and we can will Capital away!

>The state along with capital is function that follows these deeper human problems. The former however is the more pertinent problem. Marx thought you attack class and capital and count on the state to fade away. He got it backward.

You're both wrong, you and your pal Marx. You get rid of systems of repression/oppression/exploitation through the denial of energy. Capital and the State are two-of-a-kind. Redundant. They both must fall at the same time. Kill the lights or plague the industrial mining processes that is the (post)modern food and distribution system, and, viola.