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Probably by my term extra human scale which I mean broadly and not some dunbarian or band/tribal number. You're describing a fairly complex upper paleolithic culture that I would not consider a state based culture.

You don't have to be an lsd hippy to get what I'm saying. Dissociation means exactly what you think it means. You basically depart from the psychosomatic context that is integral the the existence of the state/civilization in question.

I don't entertain the concept of exploitation as a problem in itself but I don't disagree on energy denial in regards to this state of affairs. In the long run you want both C&S gone but capital is a corrosive problem not an acute problem like the state. It's defined at least partly by complicated human desires and compulsions. Your approach sounds like the usual Pol (tin)Pot approach that certain pathological uncivilizeds like to take. It doesn't end well and ends up with people rebuilding what you tried to take away from them.