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your memory betrays you even still...

i have never seen your blog unless you mean that short lived 'best anarchist news website on the internet' that you created to take down anews (then oddly announce on anews) because nobody wanted to publish your writing about hurricanes or how to savagely murder the "pussy anarchists," or whatever you were on about for that hour, that had like two whole posts, which came after over an entire year of you harassing people...... i mocked you not for your failed site but simply because there was no other way to get you to stop stalking, and threatening to rape and murder friendly anarchists and their young children for over two years simply for not wanting to hear about how awesome you were and your totally impressive thoughts 24/7 on the fucking irc because you felt it their place in life: to listen to you when you felt like it. anyway, enjoy the rest of your totally primal, totally not tech-obsessed, totally awesome life, but just because you pretend something to be true (whether about your genius, importance, other people's motivations as to why to encourage you of anything [hint it was to get your to go away]), that doesn't make it so.

lastly: beep.