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I appreciate you responding rather than censuring any comment made here that attempts to de-villainize me, as Anews mods have done continually.

I'm not sure what "news site" you're refering to? I haven't been involved with one. Around the time of the podcast I had a blog which I was posting to. I swear I remember you commenting there, but I could be mistaken.

This whole "rape and murder" business is total bullshit. Certain people in the IRC at the time justified their shitty attitudes and messages by writing it off as "hyperbole". Any referencing to violence of the sort you speak of was only to emphasize the limitations of "hyperbole" at the personal level and the hypocrisy of the censures and IRCops dictating what people can and can't say or discuss. Same with the alleged "stalking" that I supposedly took part in. Since trolling is fine when thecollective/Anews/IRCops do it, I wanted to give these people a run for their money. I was in NYC on unrelated business, took a photo in front of an anarcho-liberal social hub on a public street while I mean mugged, and that alone had the anarchyplanet crew terrified. I was never in Pennsylvania as I implied. Simply took a photo in front of a car with Pennsylvania plates. All this to show bullying isn't fun when you're the one getting bullied.

I honestly have no ill-will towards you, Rfa, or any other of your IRCops compatriots. My only real qualm is with the extremely low-level of discourse in the IRC and the potential it could have as an outlet for serious discussion about US anarchism.

And for the record, I find primitivism and "primal" anarchy to be near total shit and have very little interest in it. And we both know I'm on the Internet less than all the IRC regulars. I don't give a fuck about recognition of the sort you've mentioned and absolutely do not see myself as some sort of "genius".

Either way, wishing you all the best and I hope you will just let all this Zhachev/hurricane shit die and be forgotten.