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I like him default to La Boétie when it comes to how repressive and controlling power power becomes constituted. I see the state as part of an integrated totality of power that was not created or constituted in a single historical bound but developed through corrosive compulsive human developments that were diffuse at their origin. Reified and recursive heavy language alone would have been one of the building blocks along with a lose of scale, relationship and place. You don't just 'attack' the results of that as an alien externality.

I actually like some of the concepts that Chad Haag(of pro-Kaczynsky youtube fame) uses, in particular his concept of soma as an ecological source of being and becoming. When I use the term psychosomatic I'm just integrating his concept with my idea that mind and body are never separate. I don't mean it as an acute induced psychological experience but a more general way conceptualizing the mind and it's ecological substance surroundings.

As he says you can really on break with the somatic context of a given existence in this case technological. It's easier said then done but that's the starting point. Revolutions require mass psychological agreement and that can be like herding cats when it comes to something libertarian and anti-leviathan.