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"All this to show bullying isn't fun when you're the one getting bullied."

So being told by a room full of many different people that they have no desire to discuss whatever bizarro topic that you want to discuss immediately until you are satisfied (what ITS could have done better, how to militarily defeat mine enemies with Maoist tactics but better, etc) or being kicked by the robot for flooding a channel with how much everyone was a pussy is the same level of "bullying" as threatening to rape and shoot them and their kids, friends and families, and anyone associated with them... and then then sending them photo of yourself in camo with a gun, or a photo outside of the place where they totally really lived? And when that doesn't get the response you want to keep doing similar threatening tactics for over a year like threatening to shoot up book fair because you had an imaginary beef with someone who was encouraging to you but not encouraging in the right way all of the time? Seems legit. Completely justified response.