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I know nothing about this topic. I have some questions. It’d be interesting if someone made the clear the distinction of what trauma is and what isn’t. I suspect there could be such a thing as Trauma and then trauma, similar to aggression vs micro-aggression. I also understand it to be a concept much more specific than “ violence”.

We are talking of things or events that lead to psychological ails, yet the metaphor is that of a wound and the process is described as on of healing.
Though in many cases this are also bundled up with literal wounds, cases of physical abuse or self-harm are two examples.
What are the useful aspects and the limits of this metaphor?

Trauma covers a wide range of things that happen to people, as different as emotional neglect or sexual abuse. The cause could seem more individuated in some instances and in others more systemic, like famines, wars, genocide, enslavement, forced displacement.

How is trauma and dealing with it distinct from the label of “mental illness”?