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I wouldn't say mental illnesses are all that distinct from trauma. They're not hereditary, but there are genes that apparently can make one more susceptible to developing a mental illness. Environmental factors factor into people developing mental illnesses more so than biological, genetics, or neurological. All the environmental factors can be traumatic and be quite subtle. A lot of mental illness all hold in common is the productiveness of the individual. Then, as someone else mentioned, a lot of generalizations and the desire to fix those people aka make them more productive. The number of mental disorders or illnesses keeps getting larger and larger. It almost like some kind of mystical being where any deviations from the mystical being is considered a mental illness or not traumatic enough.

Micro-aggression seems to be more of an identity politics concept than anything else. so I don't get the comparisons there. There being Trauma and then trauma sounds like it implies that events that society agrees are traumatic are traumatic while others aren't because reasons.