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There's not many anarchist psychologists/therapists. Exception: Paul Goodman was involved in Gestalt therapy and was also an anarchist. Most of the anarchist therapies I've heard of are derived from the work of Wilhelm Reich, who combined Freudian psychoanalysis with libertarian Marxism in the 1930s. Theweleit is a Reichean, Guattari (schizoanalysis) fuses Reich with the less authoritarian aspects of Lacan, Situationism is Reichean-inspired, Somatherapy is directly Reichean and there are also clear connections with Boal's theatrical work and Summerhill school. Another later Reichean is Alexander Lowen, whose work I'm finding very useful (though he isn't an anarchist). Lowen used a mixture of Reichean psychoanalysis and body-work similar to yoga (but with a materialist underpinning). Also quick mentions here of anti-psychiatry; Holzkamp; ecotherapy; SPK; Battaglia; Bruce Levine; Chamberlin's "On Our Own"; feminist consciousness-raising; and links between existentialist psychology and anarchism. Also quick mention that hunter-gatherers generally use body therapy or group therapies based on ideas of spirit-possession or hostile magic.