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The formation with microaggression is quite complex I think (and idpols also use trauma as a buzzword). Microaggressions are small acts which most people experience as offensive or embarrassing if anything, but idpols experience as violence, erasure, genocide.

In part this may well be morality-dependent distress (the distress of, say, being called a name is made worse because they subjectively believe that name-calling leads to genocide).

It's similar to a phobic structure. In true phobias (intense irrational terror triggered by a stimulus - not the same as fear or bigotry), there is a primary anxiety reaction which is prevented by avoidance. The phobic object has terror attached to it because of displaced meanings related to some trauma or existential crisis which may have nothing to do with it. For example, someone's scared of losing control of their "animal nature", their rage or sexuality, and this turns into a fear of some particular species of animal. The fear is proportionate to the original trauma, but not to the displaced object; healing would unpack the two, bring the underlying issue back to consciousness, and thus detach the fear from the phobic object. If a microaggression is a phobic object, then it triggers traumatic reactions without itself being a source of trauma.

It's also similar to a paranoid structure. In Klein's reading, paranoia occurs when a person has internalised a strict superego which operates internal persecution (harsh moral judgements, guilt, feeling worthless, etc). But they don't recognise this internal force and instead project it - meaning they imagine it's coming from outside the body, and fight, flee, etc as if it is. Microaggressions may trigger idpols' self-judgements but these are projected onto the other person, who is assumed to be committing a violence proportionate to the internal suffering.

Of course idpols don't want to think about any of this, they are aggressively certain of the self-presence of their own experiences and the completeness of their narratives, and so they imagine that the supposed microaggressor REALLY IS acting on behalf of some persecutory force such as "whiteness" or "masculinity" which manifests unconsciously through them (and is somehow guilty for not having enough moral self-control to prevent this from happening). It's very similar to how "the devil" is seen as operating in Puritanism and certain paranoiac formations.