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for example, i get really fascinated by mental illness, a lot of schizophrenia seems to be that way, where it isn't necessarily caused by any sort of societal factors or traumas but i something innate to that individual. However, i've seen compelling arguments that the way people/society tend to react to schizophrenia makes it worse, that maybe treating it like an "illness" makes it more of a social problem than it really is. The harsher ways that people used to treat mental illnesses up until very recently definitely made them worse, were traumatic in and of themselves...but i would like to hear what people say about the modern treatment of mental illnesses. It definitely relies too much on drug companies, but even though i was part of that loop once i saw modern psychology for what it was i tried to avoid it as much as possible. Especially the characterizations of reality.

I would like to be able to share some of my more personal thoughts and experiences on these subject matters but part of the problem is i don't feel like i fully understand it i don't want to talk about things that are too personal on the internet.