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For me was important:
Otto Gross (Check it out!)
Max Stirner
and also
Wilhelm Reich in parts.
Also Sandor Ferenczi is in some of his writings interesting.
And then for sure you can take and find everywhere a bit.
The theory of Bernd A. Laska: "Super ego esse delendum" also influenced me and seems to be super compatible with anarchy...
Than i think anarchist theory, especially Wolfi, but not only, always was also busy with psychological liberation.
And yes, best TOTW i saw till now.
@: @critic And yes, a lot of theories are post reichian. Theleweit etc. might be interesting, but its also a fact that the guy has no term of anarchism, which unites the individualistic and the streaming... And nowadays Theleweit is a democrat.
Anyways all the postmodernist stuff is a bit strange and i think leads often to a decomposition of the mind that is quiet well managable for modern technological power.
Anyways: Otto Gross is the mostly forgotten, pre-reichian anarchist freud scholar, more anarchist than Reich. He should be known to anybody interested in this TOTW - Check it out.
Ah and: Marie Louiese Bernery was a scholar of Wilhelm Reich, and Reich was influental in the War Commentary/Freedom Group, especially for John Olday.