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one of the more politically mobilized and with the federation infrastructure, is just recycling the anti "white supremacist" rhetoric just to basically stir the emotions of their fanbase. I would like to think that anarchists currently would try greater amounts of innovation and better/more insightful writing than just recycling 60's politics ad-infinitum. This is what happens when people ignore the critiques of left identity politics just for some cheap "movement building" sentiments. I mean there is so many things they could be doing, like, gosh!...taking steps to work towards their list of demands? Don't get me wrong, i don't have any hatred towards black rose anarchist federation, i'm just sick of all the major anarchist activists reverting to the same sets of ideas while we could all be doing more meaningful stuff on the ground outside of the internet. I'm totally lost about what kind of stuff i could be doing inside of my locale and ranting against white supremacists doesn't really help me personally. Despite what a lot of people have been saying, attacking racism does not dismantle a system that's designed to enrich a few wealthy at the expense of the dreams and desires of every single person.