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uhm … or they actually use structural analysis in a sincere way? and it's accurate?

one of the main problems with liberal identity politics is when you misapply that structural analysis at the person level: for example, I find some random white boy and jam my finger in his face and be like

"YOU! this is yer fault cuz yer white, ya fukin whitey white boy!"

and he's like "huh?"

and you're like "called out motherfucker!" and then you spike the ball and do an end zone dance.

that's obviously stupid and idiots are doing it constantly as a form of cheap belligerence, especially online.

BUT structural white supremacy is as real as a heart attack and that hasn't ceased to be accurate analysis just because liberals don't know really what words mean or use them in bad faith.

misusing structural analysis of oppression doesn't negate it, much like how stalin and mao hijacked those revolutionary tendencies that they rode to power.