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that doesn't make me hitler to disagree with black rose. The paper i posted talks about in crazy detail about how complex modern racism is, referring to "white supremacy" or "white supremacists" is a reference to a particular ideology or state of affairs. I don't think that if you are cautious about your word choices, and really want to neuter power authority, you should refer to the US as being "white supremacist", because it's simply not very accurate. Really if i was in Black Rose I would probably tell my fellow anarchists that we should choose one of those demands and work towards making them a reality instead of talk up a storm. However, i do appreciate the fact that they want to defund the police, and that they want prisons to not exist, so really my criticisms are just venting my frustrations with the repeated left identity politics.

And one of the things i said that got erased is basically in so many words that i don't like how you just call people stupid who you disagree with, and i don't understand why you think you know who deserves politeness and who doesn't. To a certain extent we all deserve kindness, but in certain situations people do not, and to that extent i agree with you. BUT, nobody in the comment section of this article was really insulting anyone until you stepped in. Maybe you could ask the above commenters how stalin is connected with any of this? Telling everyone they are stupid doesn't help clarify anything. I see a lot of things online that i don't agree with and am disgusted with and i don't respond to most of it