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I didn't call you Hitler at all … I said when a state was praised by history's most famous white supremacist, that's pretty compelling. To assert that the US isn't founded in and continues to be a significantly white supremacist project, to me, demonstrates ignorance of the topic. That's my strong opinion but also, it's backed by mountains of data if you care to learn more. Or you can keep sounding off in radical spaces and expect similar reactions to the one you got from me. Or ppl will quietly decide you're a fool and ignore you.

I also agreed with some of the distinction I think you're trying to make at the beginning of this exchange. Differences between structure and liberal conceptions of identity, etc.

As for whining about how I talk … are you serious? When did I claim to be pleasant? Why would I care whether you like how I talk? I'm not a nice person. Deal with it.

You get flak from the mods here for being obnoxious, I leave it to them to decide which one of us is worse.