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Not sure what you mean by that...they delete a lot of comments and i don't really blame them in the end.

But whatever, back to political discussion

"To assert that the US isn't founded in and continues to be a significantly white supremacist project, to me, demonstrates ignorance of the topic."

Yes the US was founded in both christianity and an idea that people who don't have civilization are inferior, there's an enormous amount of evidence to support that, and it was also founded in a desire to become wealthy and own land. At the time it happened it was characterized in an idea of "taming the savages", the spanish looked at black people from africa as being an inferior race, and so did the english, because they lived differently than they did with less wowy-wow and flashy objects. To characterize the current operations of the police and military as being "white supremacist" is just lazy thinking. I don't really feel like i should have to explain this to a fellow anarchist but a lot of people just believe in the rule of law. Some people are racists and white supremacists, and people who believe in the inferiority of non-white people are likely to see civilization as a necessary evil to keep the greater evils at bay. Nevertheless, the decimation of Iraq and Afghanistan were geo-political ploys to expand the influence of the United States . The role that white supremacy played in that? I have no idea, it certainly played a role but to characterize it one way or another seems kind of obtuse. Maybe "neo-liberal colonization" is probably the right word to use to describe that.

Left id-pols are like conspiracy theorists in the sense they make these fearful connections between a lot of different things and feel like they have a right to make word choices totally meaningless.