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It's basically just universalist racial liberalism. You notice that in all of these problems and solutions the spook of racism never goes away. All you get is this essentialism by another name. Stalin and Mao were one of many ideological power players who gamed that whole discourse. The white supremacy factor(which should now be called white normativity) was a co-factor not a prime factor that drove the state of affairs towards which we live today.

Also, regarding Hitler endorsing the US. Marcus Garvey endorsed fascist Italy, and there are a number of white nationalists who in turn endorse a lot of Garvey's positions(Richard Spencer for instance). Really LT your taking on 20th century wars that are no longer tenable to the power dynamics of today. The invasion of the middle east right at the beginning of this thus far lovely century by the US was not driven by WS, it was driven by the Samantha Power types who have a multicultural hegemonic humanist agenda. WS is something to be Ruby Ridged if it becomes a problem to the US state just as Black Power ideology is something to be MOVED firebomb style. If anything there we should consider at least some of the ideas that Keith Preston talks about when it comes to non-aggression a pacts of alliances with people we don't historically like.

To fight WS is to fight a ghost of history that has no more power to move the current leviathan power structure.