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any relevance to what i was talking about...

yes, anti-fa, white supremacy are the go to things to talk about for anarchists. They often want to oppose the dominant religion which makes sense, however i don't see white supremacy as the dominant philosophy or religion in today's time. Maybe it was in 1920 but i really don't know. It would be easy for you to answer whether i deny white supremacy exists. By reading small parts of what i said previously, clearly i think that it does exist but to repeat myself again, it's existence is complex.

Do I consider myself a racist? Not in the way that anarchists talk about racism, the idea that certain races are superior i don't believe that at all. I think everybody is "a racist" in the sense that they have racial, national, and cultural biases, everybody stereotypes people on an un-concious way based on race. I consider the perspective that racism/white-supremacy to be the world's "central evils" to be racist. Really anyone who says they have "cleansed themselves of the evils of racism" is probably full of shit. I opt to be honest with myself and understand that i don't fully understand a lot of these crazy human-mind originated topics.