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Its striking that a solid generation after the global implosion of "Marxism" -Leninism as a supposed alternative to Western-style capitalism, and as the United States barrel towrds full-scae collapse, the various anarchist or libertarian socialist currents, ranging from spiky posturing fools like Crimethinc and IGD to the more sober and adult-like Black Rose Anarchist Federation, all read like skim milk versions of some sort of Third-Worldist-Leninist/soft on nationalism schtick. The mighty anarchists aren't really adequate to the task of standing for something decisively different from the failed politics of the 20th century.

Black Rose Anarchist Federation come off as being less desperate to be seen as the most popular boy at the spiky window-buster and 40 ouncer party than types like 'Its Going Down' but as is always the case with Old Testament Anarchists they take far too many words to say too little.

And their conceptual framework is on the same wavelength -- transmitted by vacuum tube radios, probably -- as anarcho-swindacalists trying to find the front gates of the nearest zeppelin factory so they can leaflet the coal-stokers and gas lamp lighters. We do not, repeat, do not, live in a "settler colonial state." We live in a 21st century consumer capitalist society. This is a very different kind of exploitative class society than a society based on chattel slavery and indentured servitude. BRAF could do worse that reading what smarter guys like the Situationists had to say about the world in their day and incorporation the S.I.'s caliber of insight and style into their way of seeing things and their general presentation. They have nowhere to go but up.