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They actually made some good points which I will add to by pointing out that in addition to the crime factor that was typed to Italians you also had the era of radicalism in the early 20th century where many Italians were seen as auxiliary aids to enemies of the US state. This was a similar dynamic to Black militancy a quarter later in the 20th century. There are obvious similarities when comparing those two ethnicities.

One of the big differences between the plight of blacks and italians is that liquor was legalized and you had a new deal that they benefited from. In the case of afro-USians the drugs and the drug culture that they were connected to was not legalized/decriminalized, the opposite happened and this was coupled with the collapse of cheap oil via energy production peak and depletion starting in the early 70s. These are the factors that drove the issue of blacks in the US today more so then some spooky white supremacy which died with Rock and Roll on state societal level.