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There's obvious facts to what you're saying when you recall shitty dick. He went hard on blacks and drugs not for racial supremacy reasons but to try to defend the Fordist structure of society. If he were an outright racial supremacist(I'm sure he was a racist to a primary but not a fully tertiary degree) he would not have rubbed shoulders with Louis Armstrong or been an electable republican for that matter. The object was always criminalization not racialization. The critique to be made of it all is part of a total critique of criminality not a race reduced analysis. This is where BLM and institutional leftism fails. The ancaps(for all their flaws) are better on this issue.

In the end you have to remember that the US overall is an assimilation driven state not a racial supremacy insular one. People like Nixon would have been fine with multiculturalization providing that it happened at a steady pace and that the Fordist family and institutional structure was not undermined which it of course was by the counterculture and emergent neoliberal polyecon structures. You simply have to look at Ruby Ridge to know that the US is far from a racial supremacy driven state. They'll Ridge you or they'll MOVE you if you fuck with the Washington construct white OR black.