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I'm framing it as an emphasis. The simple fact is that there is no convincing evidence that the US is run by a WS emphasis. In an age of Susan Rice or Condoleeza for that matter are you really telling me with straight typing hands that that a strong current of WS is running through US statecraft? Seriously. You might have something with someone like Stephen Miller, but he's the exception to the rule and even it you do have white normative structures of belief many in the US ruling power structure keep it private and play to the overall assimilation driven agenda of the US which is the default agenda and runs counter to what actual WSs want who are mostly electable and door shut out of the power class. Richard Spencer is a great example. According to some he actually tried to maneuver into the US ruling class failed and fell back on WS ideology. He ain't in the club.

There is some disparity between white and colored militia groups but it is not the former being white that is the difference maker, it's that they believe in the founding property and Xian ideological foundations of the US. They're constitutional ghosts dancers and the US state can tolerate that to some degree although that is changing now that the ruling ideological make up of the US is changing towards something more cybernetic, technocratic and multicultural. Just look at the notfuckingarounders, they are given a certain amount of leeway to march because of the 2nd amendment factor. The Panthers marched on various capitals with guns 50+ years ago. There isn't that much a disparity. Need I also remind you that one of those Bundyers died when push came to shove. If you fuck with the Washington construct enough it really doesn't matter what ethnophenotype you are, they will kill you.