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Hey Tao, yeah let's just go back to the basic dumbness of normies, and how their archetypal groups always have the "hater". If it wasn't race, gender or class, "haters" have always existed, maybe as the 0.005 % of "psychopaths" that every societypossesses.
Like, the ancient Vikings hated on White Anglo-Saxon Christians and vice-versa. The Vietnamese traditionally hated on Cambodians and Chinese and vice-versa. The Mayans hated on the Toltecs and vice-versa. The Irish hated on the English and vice-versa The Germans hated on the French and vice-versa. The Sioux hated on the Cherokee and vise-versa. The Tutsi hated on the Hutu and vis-versa.
And Time changed context and WhiSup hatred diminished going into the 21st century.