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this is super irritating.
how about if all of you start thinking about what a good faith interpretation of each other's comments would be, and responding to that? or if that's impossible for you, then just develop your own thinking and disregard the commentary that is getting in your way?
bad faith internet arguments are so 2000s. honestly.

as i see it, there IS in fact something valuable about the different opinions here (at least, the ones that are not fucking imbecilic name-calling and/or neurotic).
is it helpful to call something by a name that most people recognize? what and when is it helpful?
it it better or ALSO helpful to challenge assumptions and rote knee jerk reactions and jargon, in the pursuit of better theoretical and sometimes practical understanding of how things work? when and how?

what awesome and engaging and interesting questions can YOU get from this conflict? let's make it a contest!