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Interesting, SirEinzige. You mention of a few things that are true, but then you add absurd stuff like claiming the italians faced more repressive acts of the law than blacks in the 1920s. Your proof for your claims that Italians were more repressed by the law than blacks in the 1920's is prohibition. God knows where you got that idea, but my guess is from movies and other entertainment. Prohibition wasn't targeted against the Italians and was barely enforced. The guy above you at least made an effort by making a vague list of anything Italian they could think of from gangster movies. Most of which don't take place in the 1920s. It's interesting how popular entertainment can lead some people to believe events that are depicted in it actually happened. If you're susceptible to believing fictional entertainment is real, stay away from historical fiction. In historical fiction, Renzo Novatore is a vampire, Max Stirner is Karl Marx's sockpuppet used to troll people and Emma Goldman is a space mannequin and FDR's baby mama causing baby mama drama non-stop in outer space.

The most repressive act against Italians in the 1920s was an immigration law that was more discriminatory against Italians compared to people trying to immigrate from other European nations. However, people immigrating from Africa were discriminated against even more than Italians with the immigration law. The immigration law was mostly targeted at keep Asians out of the US.