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You can look up the phenomena Todd. I might take back the statement that the LAW repressed italians more though if you look at more bottom up and diffuse violence(often supported by established US politicians) you can argue that things were worse. Look for the John M Parker quote.

It was less the prohibition factor and more the catholic v protestant and pro-revolutionary militant association factor. Those are all co-factors that make things more then just an ethnocentric supremacy position. In the case of Black USians they got blowback for being associated with revolutionary militancy as well as then dangerous counter-cultural values. It isn't just this all encompassing problem of white supremacy which I argue is more a psychology then a system. Even in the old days actual existing white supremacy(AEWS) was more of a function to greater power then an intent onto itself. Many olden time US figureheads held to those views but it was not what primarily drove state power.