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"They could choose to just participate in the things they take photos of, but they make a choice not to."

that is a point worth some discussion.

for example, the person that took the video of the george floyd murder. when i saw that the first time, all i could think of is: why the fuck are these "photographers" not bum-rushing those pigs, at least to get em off his fucking neck! i realize that if they were black, they could assume a lethal response. but was there nobody white (with cojones) around?

if the photographer had participated instead of recording, they *might* have saved george's life. and the event would have gotten some press, but not likely more than any of the recent cop murders of black folks. instead, they recorded and made the video public, which (for whatever reasons) invoked a response on a completely different scale. not that the response will lead to anything desirable to this anarchist.