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Came here from twitter and I don't use this site often, so sorry if I fucked up how the comment system works.

The idea that anarchism, the radical opposition to all hierarchy and the abolition of both gods and masters, could somehow be conservative and remain internally coherent, is laughable. "Anarchism is about building a society in which no one forces their beliefs on others. As long as you respect the views and lives of others, your personal views don’t matter." This is false. There are views and beliefs that simply aren't respectable and deserve no less than unmitigated hostility. This seems to be an extension of the pacifist, christian socialist, spooner brand of "anarchism" in that it prioritizes this faux individualism over any resistance to authority. Anarchism isn't about respecting beliefs, it's about rebellion. There is no rebellion to be found in conservatism. Conservatism by it's very nature protects traditionalism, white supremacy, theocracy, and other suffocating authoritarianisms.

You bring up opposition to pre marital sex up as a good thing, so let me ask you this, is marriage not a patriarchal, misogynist, christo fascist concept rooted in european white supremacy? Is it not another fabrication put forward by institutions of power to control our social lives? Why should I respect a concept so baseless and reactionary as marriage? Even further, why would I limit who I can and can't have sex with upon the basis of something so garbage as marriage? Marriage seems to me to be a license to certain behaviors arbitrarily dolled out by governments and churches.

Another example you bring up is birth control, a term invented by anarchists funnily enough. Birth control, very simply, gives a person some control over their own body and it's functions. Birth control is an extension of personal autonomy and self ownership. I believe anarchist transhumanists would even label it as an extension of morphological freedom. It is exercising control over your body via the improvements brought about by science and technology. Of course, this seems to be based in the stereotypical conservative argument that abortion is murder or dirties the "sanctity of life." Allow me to bury this very briefly. The sanctity of life is a made up boogeyman term that reactionaries fashioned to sound smart. It isn't a real thing. Nothing is sacred, including life. If life were truly sacred as you claim, and your gods cared about that life, SIDS wouldn't exist. Next, the idea that birth control/abortion is murder. This comes from the idea that a zygote, somehow, has the same value and importance as a typical adult. Now I'm a nihilist, so a person's supposed inherent value is something I find to be garbage, but I'll humor you, what about a zygote or embryo gives it the same value as an adult person? Is it the fact that they're both alive? Clearly not as your immune system kills organisms far more complex and far more numerous every second. Is it their intelligence? Clearly not, we eat animals that are vastly more intelligent/conscious all of the time. Is it simply the fact that they're human? If so, why? Conservatives drive their children to suicide all of the time by abusing them, so I doubt you care about someone simply for being human. The conservative valuation of embryos seems internally inconsistent and would only make sense if a deity mandated this, which if that's the case, I have a few things to ask. 1. Prove this deity is real. 2. Prove this deity did in fact say abortion and birth control are murder. 3. Prove to me this deity has good reason for declaring this. 4. Prove why I should give a shit what this deity thinks.

I could keep going but there seems to be a character limit. Basically, the point is that conservatism is promotes submission to abstractions and authority. The nuclear family, gods, clergy, morality, property, rights, and tradition are all little more than authoritarian bullshit. You can't be a conservative anarchist.