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I live to disappoint, and you'll live to be disappointed again and again.
Specially since you say "the only way that actual anarchy will happen":

-"the only way....": you assert that there is only one correct way, making you more normative, restrictive and authoritarian than what you accuse me of "monitoring beliefs" or "purity programs

-"...that actual anarchy will happen": anarchy is not an end state, a desired scenario you'll get to achieve, it's a lived antagonism, a tension and defiant orientation against the existent. it either always was, as the chaos that constitutes everything, as the way you live your life, or never was and never will be.

You concern trolling does not dissuade me, I'll double down to spite you. The ONLY anarchists are those who have not obeyed even once literally immediately attacking every single instance of oppression against them that they encountered AND AT THE SAME TIME have not expected or asked anything from anyone. Obviously this is no one, it's an ideal, not a program. Yet some people manage to get pretty close, and if it were just one, i'd rather there be one of them against the world as it is, than the whole world fashioned by the likes of you.