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"letting others be, even if you don't agree with them" is totally the same old liberal free speech narrative. That's literally Chomsky's defense over giving a tribune to Holocaust deniers, and even forewording their books.

But I let others "be" on a daily basis.. What I'm still against is to be giving a platform for their hate and bigotry, as it totally support more authoritarian movements and their narratives. Banning "free speech" for the Alt Right is not the reason why it got so big lately... on the contrary because this tendency was allowed to spread and consolidate, online.

Even hardcore liberal republican Thomas Jefferson was clearly opposed to letting bigotry and "fake news" happen, back in the late 18th where it was already a thing (US was always a haven for charlatans and toxic bullshitters, as you should know). But in the name of "mah libuhrty", plenty of shitty tendencies were still allowed to flourish.