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than it does a political identity. In my opinion, many nihilists and post-leftists are conservative because they just snarkily grin while you get excited about political bullshit, and so are work-obsessed protestants with fat bank accounts.

I don't think Catholicism and anarchism are in any way compatible. Catholicism was literally the rock which evanglicals built their sign posts on. Has nothing to do with any of the more mystical and potentially dangerous elements of christianity.

The "YOU THINK WHAT I/YOU WANT WHILE I THINK WHAT I WANT" is at the heart of modernity.

"While these views are uncommon among anarchists, they’re not uncommon among the people of Appalachia where anarchist distributism would do well in an area that prides itself on its individualism yet has a strong sense of community. Combine it with an ardent social conservatism and anarchism would explode here."

So what propaganda do you think is going to light up the mountains? I've been really curious about this for a long time, as i live fairly close to appalachia, but it's not "real" appalachia. I was by the standards of the lib gossipers a redneck, but nobody in the course of my life has every used the word "conservative" to describe what i think or how i betray myself.

To me the real question is: how is the destruction of the spook of productivity even possible? Easy as a loner, but not as a community. Sure you can sit in a cabin making bombs and spreading a gospel but the possibilities of intentional communities are almost completely gone.