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"Now, there are certain views that are incompatible with anarchism such as race realism,"
Let's start by defining the term "race realism". It consists of 3 beliefs:
1) that "race" is a real biological category of the species homo sapiens, sufficient coherent and significant that meaningful predictions can be made with it.
2) That IQ measures something meaningful/is a good proxy for general mental ability (also known as "g").
3) That the IQ differences between races are significantly due to genetic differences between the races. The most prominent race realist is Ryan Faulk who puts the percentage of the difference at 80%, however believing that it's over 50% would definitely make you a race realist, and arguably even 10% would.

So does believing in any of this make you not an anarchist, or unacceptable to anarchists? Leave aside whether any of it is true, anarchists are free to believe false things and anarchy does not collapse.

The first belief that race is real is remarkably harmless. Whether you classify people biologically makes absolutely no difference to how you treat them by itself. You can believe races are real and not believe in any systematic difference between them in terms of morality, intelligence or other important factors.

The second belief also doesn't clash with anarchism. Believing that something measures something doesn't imply that those with more of it should dictate to others. That you can potentially measure mental functioning doesn't imply that anyone's mental functioning is good enough to make Statism work, or bad enough to make anarchism not work.

So it's the third belief that must be the problem if there is one. But how is having a false belief about the probabilities of someone's abilities or even morality fatal to anarchism? Bear in mind race realists don't believe that race is an infallible guide to anything on an individual level. Taking the most extreme position, Recent-African-descended humans are a standard deviation below European descended humans, Even under that assumption 15.8% of ADH are smarter than 50% of EDH. At the higher end 2.28% of ADH are smarter than 84.13% of EDH. So it doesn't even stereotype people in a way that prevents them from flourishing. It just means that until evidence is shown they are higher IQ some people doubt it. Anarchy can survive that. Having someone think you're dumb for half an hour is hardly the worst thing to happen to people. Any time when it's important to the race realist to actually know how well someone thinks, he'll check, because even race realists acknowledge race is a poor proxy for IQ.

On the other hand race realism is a huge danger to the State, whatever position the State takes on any or all of these 3 beliefs. That's because it must enforce it's vision regardless of the effect on individuals. A State that believed in race realism would also believe that races have fundamentally conflicting interests, and would have to use force to resolve them. A State that didn't would have to suppress speech to prevent the belief in race realism to prevent the perception of conflicting interests.

Note all this is true regardless of whether race realism is correct at all.