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A skeleton in the closet that's too often overlooked by French -and by extension Euro- antifacists and anarchists is the shadowy presence and activity of the French Foreign Legion, who are by all means the oldest and most dangerous paramilitary fascist group in Europe.

Formed under the Restoration by royal decree of the kind of Orléans, they predated even communism and official fascism by a few decades, and they are hardcore monarchists. They served as France's Blackwater/Academi since the beginning, yet their support to fascist imperialist politics was always pretty obvious. They are known to be behind the OAS and also gave "humanitary help" to the worst of the Palestinian insurgency, among many other imperialist antics. These guys are only tied by an oath to the Legion (making them a private army), not to the French Republic, unlike the military. This oath also doubles as a blood oath, as any Légionnaire who spills his own blood is entitled to gain French citizenship, literally spilling blood for the nation. That also means they're not tied to its constitution and laws... they could overthrow the French government if they got a motivation for it, but also won't see any problem going after insurrectionist groups, and might enjoy a lot more flexibility in doing so than the cops. Their "foreign" nature is also problematic, as while they are inherently non-racist by principle, it also serves as a permeable entry for all kinds of foreign fascist networks.