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ANews Pleroma

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Announcing the Anarchist News Pleroma! The ANews feed is a low volume stream of curated content and commentary from around the website as a supplementary way to interact with the site. The ANews Pleroma is part of a federated microblogging platform that is hosted by anarchist friends on the Pleroma instance.

Check it out and follow here:

What is Pleroma? Like the somewhat better-known Mastodon, it's part of the fediverse, a decentralized network of self-hosted servers that speak a [twitter-like] language called ActivityPub. It's like mail: you can have your mail on any one of thousands of servers, and they all speak to each other. (Pleroma also speaks OStatus, so it can integrate with GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla and Mastodon!) If you already have a mastodon etc account, it's easy to follow Anarchist News, and if you register for an account, you can follow and interact with everyone on mastodon etc.

This is a quick 101 introduction to Pleroma via that is also linked on the main Pleroma website.


"We hope that Anarchy Planet becomes a place where anarchists and their friends can find each other, learn about anarchism, discuss the topics of importance to them and be linked to the universe of anarchy. We will do this by providing the infrastructure for anarchists to communicate to the world and each other. We will do this with communications services (blogs, internal IM, secure IM, email, & more over time) and sites that connect us to each other."

Anarchy Planet:

Anarchy 101,
Anarchy Planet,
The Anarchist Library,
Anarchist News,
ANews Podcast,
ANews etherpad,
Anarchy Planet IRC,
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