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Who needs all these goddamn words, mind games, lectures, in order to understand that wealthy people are essentially payed to hide how useless they are from society? How cringey is it that he rode around on a subway with a bag that said he might have bombs, guns, and drugs on it? How did he keep his job? Is this his ideas of making fun of "the normies", hence "making a statement" as "an activist"? Clearly a rebel with a very patented cause.

I say this not out of spite: but i'm largely apathetic about his death because i've never met him before.

HOWEVER, i will say that he did create some very useful critiques overall for people who have an issue with authority. "Debt and the first 5000 years" is a very interesting historical analysis, and i applaud his attempt to make leftists more comfortable with critiquing would sound a little more meaningful if he wasn't a bureaucrat himself. I hate universities. They're overpriced certification systems, and often their lists of degree requirements don't really make any sense. OH I'VE HEARD THAT there are universities that let you "design your own degree" for $40,000 a year, sad that the people who attend the wretched institutions didn't understand they probably have a print shop in their town that can do the exact same thing for them for a lot less money.

R.I.P., David Graeber